Just Data Matrix

Public authorities increasingly publish governmental information as open data. They formulate the aspiration that open data improves transparency and empowers citizens. But the exact social impact of open data remains elusive. The “just data matrix” addresses the interrelation between open data and justice. It develops principles for a commons-based just open data strategy.

The “just data matrix” is a starting point for studying the impact of local open data strategies on citizens regarding justice. Here you may access three open-source versions of the matrix depending on your role:

a) Just data matrix for citizens.

b) Just data matrix for policy makers/administrators.

c) Just data matrix for researchers.

The matrix can be further developed and refined. The matrix is meant to be a living document and can be adapted in future studies. A survey can use the matrix as a quantitative tool. In qualitative research, it may function as the analytical framework. In a research based on interviews or other qualitative methods, the matrix can be used to shape the data collection and to evaluate the results such as it has been done in this thesis. The combination of both quantitative and qualitative approach seems fruitful.