Updated: 28 April 2023 (next and final update expected in spring 2024)

Here are the most important developments of the last 15 months (Feb 2022 – April 2023): 

Peer reviewed publications

  • Beyond local versus global: the emergence of cosmolocal [site] [pdf]
  • Beyond high-tech versus low-tech: the emergence of mid-tech [site] [pdf]
  • From creative destruction to convivial innovation [site] [pdf]
  • Is 3D printing a technology for degrowth? [site] [pdf]
  • Harnessing a “cosmolocal” wind to provide electricity [site] [pdf]
  • Towards a theory of value as a commons [site] [pdf]

Pilot work and social impact

We pursued the following to enable capacities for commons-based transformation in response to local needs in our Greek pilot area:

  • We facilitated the creation of a local energy cooperative, which includes 63 members and 119 beneficiaries who self-produce their energy. The coop is growing. More here
  • We facilitated a grassroots initiative against a profit-maximisation-driven hi-tech science park, funded by the local government. The initiative proposed the integration of cosmolocal elements to boost open technology and cooperativism. The initiative succeeded in making the Governor integrate most of its proposals. More here.
  • In 2022, we organised two summer schools on cosmolocalism. More than 60 persons from 16 countries participated in the activities. Similar events will take place in 2023 (see below).
  • People from the local commons-based ecosystem will run for the local government office in the forthcoming elections. The aim is to implement key policy proposals based on our collective work. 

Forthcoming events

  • A cosmolocal partnership has been formed to develop a water jet to monitor alpine lakes. In June 2023, the team will hike to the Tymfi Dragon Lake to test the jet and collect data to preserve the lake.
  • In summer 2023, the public deliberation for the future of Tzoumakers, which started last autumn, will culminate in a public event. The EU funding ends and a new era for Tzoumakers will hopefully begin.
  • In September 2023, the Life After Growth summer school will take place in our Greek pilot area. The goal will be to explore the role of work, technology, and organisation in a post-growth society. 
  • Later in September, the P2P Lab will be hosting the yearly International Conference of ephemera. ephemera is an independent, open access journal, active for more than two decades. It publishes critical work on organisation and political theory.