1. Open source agriculture: Grassroots technology in the digital era [site] [text]
  2. Peer to peer: The commons manifesto [site] [text]

Journal articles

  1. How to reap the benefits of the ‘digital revolution’? [site] [text]
  2. How convivial and open is a WikiHouse? [site] [text]
  3. Breaking the chains of open innovation: Post-blockchain and the case of Sensorica [site] [text]
  4. To BIM or not to BIM? Lessons learned from a Greek vernacular museum building [site] [text]
  5. Small and local are not only beautiful; they can be powerful [site]
  6. From private to public governance: The case for reconfiguring energy systems as a commons [site]
  7. Teaching commons through the game of musical chairs [site] [text]
  8. Should we look for a hero to save us from the coronavirus? [site] [text]
  9. Cosmolocalism: Understanding the transitional dynamics towards post-capitalism [site] [text]
  10. Tools from below: Making agricultural machines convivial [site] [text]
  11. Who creates value? [site] [text]
  12. Bridging barriers in sustainability research: Α review from sustainability science to life cycle sustainability assessment [site] [text]
  13. Is ‘deschooling society’ possible? Notes from the field [site] [text]
  14. Are the most influential websites peer-produced or price-incentivized? [site] [text]
  15. Can peer production democratize technology and society? A critical review of the critiques [site] [text]
  16. Mapping the types of modularity in open-source hardware [site] [text]
  17. How to reinvigorate vernacular buildings in the digital era? [site] [text]
  18. Counter-hegemonic decision premises in commons-based peer production: A degrowth case study [site] [text]
  19. Can communities produce complex technology? Looking into space for insight [site] [text]
  20. Energy governance as a commons [site] [text]


  1. Cosmo-local work: Organisational practices for equitable and sustainable living [text]
  2. How to create a thriving global commons economy? [site] [text]

Book chapters

  1. The grammar of peer production [site] [text]
  2. Peer production and state theory: Envisioning a cooperative partner state [site] [text]
  3. Peer-to-peer learning [site] [text]


  1. Cosmolocalism in a nutshell [video]
  2. Changemaking ideas in 3 minutes YouTube series [site]
  3. Τzoumakers: A mountainous community of open source technologies [video]
  4. Τzoumakers: The birth of an open source agricultural community [video]
  5. How to reap the benefits of the ‘digital revolution’? [video]


  1. Post-automation? Towards democratic alternatives to Industry 4.0 [site]
  2. Materialities and socialities of postcapitalism: Commons, peer to peer sharing and solidarity [site]
  3. Documentation development workshop [site]


  1. Is the smart city a good city? [site]