The first outputs are expected in mid- to late-2019. 

The following list includes ten indicative previous publications that set the ground for COSMOLOCALISM:

1. Utopia is now. [text]
2. The convergence of digital commons with local manufacturing. [site] [text]
3. New technologies won’t reduce scarcity, but here’s something that might. [text]
4. Digital economy and the rise of open cooperativism. [site] [text]
5. Peer to peer: The commons manifesto. [site]
6. Making (in) the smart city: The emergence of makerspaces. [site] [text]
7. Design global, manufacture local: An emerging productive model. [site] [text]
8. Network society and future scenarios for a collaborative economy. [site] [text]
9. Research on degrowth. [site] [text]
10. Commons-based peer production and digital fabrication.  [site] [text]